Thursday, April 30, 2009

a sad day

We have made the decision to return Teal. We made some progress with her, but she has also continued to get worse over the time we have had her. I am not going to elaborate much more on why, other than to say that it was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make and we truly hope that she lives a long, healthy, happy border collie life. She is a sweet, highly intelligent dog, that did not fit into our family as well as we hoped she would. We are sad and despite everything, we will miss her sweet face.

Ben has been posting on Deltabluez Anson, the one year old border collie that he has for a trial period. I have been admiring Anson for a long time, so I was not opposed to testing him out. Our original thought was that he would be great as a sport/herding dog for Ben to take the pressure off of Teal. We were going to slow down with her flyball training and focus on general training. The ideal outcome would have been to keep all three border collies. Unfortunately things do not work out as planned. The trial period has gone very well and Anson will most likely stay with us. We expect that he will get along well with Indigo, since he is very soft like her.

I hope to get updates about Teal as she settles into her new home.


An English Shepherd said...

Really sorry to hear about Teal it must have been very hard for you.


Anonymous said...

That is very sad. Are you going to return Teal soon or wait until June. Sorry that it didn't work out. Like you said, Teal is sweet with people but not so much other dogs. Love, Mom/Fran

Alassel said...

I hope you will share any updates on Teal's new life with us when you get them. I know this was a rough decision for the both of you, and I will miss her too.