Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last Months in New England, Road Trip 2009, Hell Puppy

Now that I have about two months left of my internship, I need to start making the most of my time here and enjoy more of what New England has to offer. There is still so much to see and not enough time to see it all. I am making a dent in my list of places to go this weekend, when I meet up with Carly for a long weekend in Cape Cod!

We are renting a beautiful condo on the beach and looking forward to a quiet weekend with lots of good food, movies, and exploring with the dogs. She has a French Bulldog and a German Shepherd. I will post photos when I get home on Monday night.


The trip home is coming up soon, and of course I am taking the opportunity to make the drive into a fun road trip. On the way here we (and when I say we I mean mostly Ben) drove like maniacs. We drove as long as possible all day until our eye lids were too heavy to stay open, and then we passed out at any generic hotel that allowed dogs. We didnt see any sights or eat any remarkable food. We were on a mission to get to Northampton as soon as possible and get the 11 month internship started.

This trip is going to be another story. Not only because we will have an additional border collie and more stuff to put in my small SUV. We are going to plan it out so that we stop in fun cities across the country. Our stops will be based on places with good food, dog friendly, and beautiful scenery. This is our tentative plan. We are starting out in NYC and then heading straight to Narragansett, RI, one of the most lovely beach towns in the North East.

Next we will head north to the Wells, ME area. My family vacationed in this part of Maine most summers during my childhood. I remember absolutely loving everything about this place. We stayed at a hotel right on the beach and at that time I loved spending all day on the beach, building sand castles and swimming in the warm, calm water. I remember eating breakfast at a place that offered pancakes every filling option imaginable. I always got chocolate chip. We also rode a trolley, ate lobster, and played miniature golf. Every evening we would walk out on the beach when the tide was far out. I loved exploring the tide pools. I have not been back since I was 10 or so and look forward to sharing this wonderful place with Ben this summer.

Our next planned stop will be Burlington, VT. I have always wanted to check out this town as a potential place to live and am very excited to finally see it.

From here, our drive won't be quite as exciting. We will be making our way through the middle of the country, stopping in Cleveland, OH, Madison, WI, possibly Fargo, ND, Billings, MT and then Glacier National Park!!! I havent been to Glacier since I was 18 and it still holds the position of the number 1 most beautiful National Park in the country in my list in my head.

And then we will end our trip in Salem, OR for a reunion with our flyball team!!


From what I have heard about Teals experience at puppy boot camp, we are in for a long road of training with our little puppy.

My commitment to training her will start with reading about and watching the Control Unleashed program. I also bought a few other books on dealing with reactive, fear aggressive dogs. I may also take Teal to see Leslie McDevitt (author of Control Unleashed). I will post on her progress when I get her back on April 19th. For now Indy and I are enjoying the peace.

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Monique said...

Re: Control Unleashed - It is a nice program and good to build confidence in dogs as well as teach happy control in reactive dogs.

If you don't want to go all the way to Leslie, she has an instructor in Portland who she has certified to teach CU named Greta Kaplan. She is a friend of mine and happy to put you in contact with one another. Just email me monique @agilityfun . com (remove the spaces)

I would also encourage you to read "Bringing Light To Shadow" and "Click to Calm"