Monday, July 4, 2011


We took an overnight trip to Roslyn on Friday night to visit some friends from college. It's a tiny town off I-90. I would go insane living there, but we had fun experiencing the small town feeling for the day. We brought our trailer and parked it in an alley. We have it stocked so that all we need to park are clothes and food. We are so happy to have that huge apartment on wheels.

Finley is sooo close to walking. She took a few steps today on her own and then she loses confidence. Oh well. I'm sure we'll be wishing she waited a little longer when she is into everything. She has been really into climbing on things, usually things that she can't get down from...or stairs. She has been talking a lot and trying to say new words. Nothing really clear other than Daaaad or Momomomom.

She really seems to be getting into the toddler phase with some demanding whining and even some fake crying. Overall, she is a very happy, easy kid and she still sleeps like a champ. This morning she woke up at 9 am. Yes!

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