Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've decided to attempt to use this blog as more of a journal for recording things that we do and especially to document the things that Finley does as she grows up. I'll still post photos as I take them here and on my Flickr site.

Things have been pretty mellow around here lately, probably because Seattle is skipping summer this year. The weather has been completely awful. I keep hoping it will get warmer, but we are not well into summer and it's freezing outside.

I started training for my job last week. So far it couldn't be a more perfect arrangement for me, especially when compared with my last job. I'll be at a small hospital working as a clinical dietitian. The part that makes it perfect is that it's 15 minutes from my house with NO traffic, it's per diem with an expected part-time schedule (but if I'm not available, I don't have to work) and I'll be working on all the floors of the hospital from psych to babies to oncology patients. It's been two years since I finished my internship, which means I have a lot to review. I've got time though...I won't start working regularly until September. This works out well since we are going to Victoria for a combined vacation/flyball tournament and then to Reno.

The biggest news around here is that finally Finally started walking! She has been very cautious to walk on her own, even though she has been physically ready for awhile. Cautious is alright with me. Just today I saw her get up from sitting down and walk across the room. Such a proud moment.

She has a blast at daycare. She loves all the toys and the awesome variety of food and snacks. She loves circle time and singing songs with her teachers. She does get upset when the boys want to play with her or take one of her toys. She prefers to play with girls. Apparently she has learned to go to one of the older girls when one of the boys steals her toy and she gets it back for her. I'm not sure how she communicates that, but it's funny to see her start forming relationships with other kids.

Speaking of communication, she has been trying to talk and sign a lot lately. Her favorite sign is "more", specially related to more food. She is a big eater and needs to let us know when she wants more! It's pretty funny when she takes a bite and just as she starts chewing it, she asks for more. Or she will ask for more before she even starts eating!

We are off to a flyball tournament in Canada tomorrow and will be back on Sunday night!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like you're job. and also glad you had a good time this weekend and ran competitively with the dogs. Love ya, Mom & Dad. More pix of Finley when you can, dear.