Saturday, January 29, 2011

busy busy busy

well things have been crazy around here. Finley is 9 months old and growing up fast. She is getting around quickly and slowly working on pulling herself up to a standing position. She is more engaged with her toys and loves pressing buttons and feeling different textures. And most exciting is that she finally has one tooth, which makes eating a lot easier. Her favorite foods are still pretty much the same....liver, cheese, eggs, hummus, any kind of fruit, pasta, beans, and sweet potatoes.

The biggest change has been me going to work full time for training. I will eventually be working part time from home, but not before I complete 2 months of training in downtown Seattle. I am gone for 10 hours a day. Its a huge change. My day used to consist of errands, playing, diapers and house chores and cooking. Now Im on the bus by 7 am, at work by 8 am and then home and a mad rush to get everything done in a very short amount of time and spend as much quality time with my baby as possible. Its tiring.

Luckily Finleys Gran and Grandpa have been here to take care of her all day and make sure she is having a great time (daycare starts next week). I have been able to continue nursing her. I only have to pump once at work and she only gets a 5 oz bottle while Im gone. I feed her once before I leave and then when I get home and before she goes to bed. Four feedings a day seems to be enough for her, which is great because I couldnt stand to pump more than once a day.

I am excited to go to the part time schedule because I love some parts of working. I love going downtown and being amongst of the chaos of working people and of course there is the salty air coming from the water just a few blocks away and the incredible view of the city and the mountains in the background. I have been starting to read again on the bus and enjoy that time to myself. I also feel like Im missing out on lots of things that are happening with Finley and I hate that. I think about her all day long. There is nothing better than seeing the excitement on her face and the huge smile she gives me when I get home.

Our weekends have been packed with everything that normally gets spread throughout the week. My priorities have been spending time with Finley and the dogs, going shopping at the farmers market, going to the YMCA and lots of cooking and cleaning.

Regular photos and video have not been happening as much as I would like. I do have some that I will try to post later today. For now you just get words.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah, Lovely post. I know, it's tough being away from your child, but hang in there! In just a few weeks, you'll be home again.
Enjoy what you can of it. It's ok for Finley to fend for herself for a short while.


An English Shepherd said...

Teeth do help ;-)

You sound very busy :-)