Friday, January 7, 2011

back to business

I slacked on the blog during most of the holiday season, but now I am back! Lots of changes going on with Finley and our family.

Finley is now 8 months old. She is still breastfeeding. My goal is 1 year. She is also eating lots of solid foods. She eats three meals a day and really enjoys trying new things. She rarely doesnt like something we offer her. She has a bit of eczema on her legs, so I might try to remove some allergenic foods from her diet and see if it clears up. We are giving her a combination of pureed foods and foods that she can feed her self. One of her favorites at the moment is cucumbers dipped in hummus.

She is still a sleeping machine. 12 hours every single night. It is awesome. The past few days she has been a napping machine too. I think she is fighting a sickness that both Ben and I have had. She is getting around faster and faster with her army crawl and often does real crawling too. She can almost put herself in a sitting up position, but not quite. Her desire to reach things high up motivates her to keep trying. This morning she crawled into the bathroom, grabbed a towel, took the towel out the bathroom and then emptied a box full of paper recycling in the kitchen. Of course this is all while there are toys surrounding her.

We are also hearing some babbling, lots of dadada, bababa. Sometimes her mouth makes the motion of talking, but nothing comes out. Its pretty cute.

She experienced her first non-family baby sitter the other day and did well. But I think we are all going to be in for a shock when she starts full time daycare. We have been planning this for awhile, but now it will be necessary because I was just offered a job that I will probably take. The training will be full time for 2 months and then I will be working from home in the evenings. When I start working from home, we will probably take her out of daycare or find one that offers part time.

32 weeks

33 weeks

35 weeks

In way less fun and exciting news, our car was broken into at 1 am last Saturday. Ben heard it all go down and by the time he looked outside the guy was running down the street with our GPS. The deductible on our car and home insurance won't cover either. Oh well, it could have been worse. The window is fixed and The Shryocks are giving us their old GPS.

36 weeks


Anonymous said...

Adorable as usual! Grandma&grandpa

Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah & Ben, When you have time, I'd like to see the video of Finley on the Jumperoo. These are all great pix. We miss you guys already! Grandma Fran & Grandpa Seth