Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fun!

We have been very busy keeping up with the house, dogs and taking Finley somewhere everyday. Its been incredibly fun to watch Finley grow. She now smiles regularly and makes all sorts of crazy noises. She loves watching things, especially mobiles and light outside. She started grabbing things and holding on....ouch when its my hair! She is still a pretty high needs baby, although she can spend a little bit more time in her swing or activity gym by herself. She used to hate being changed and now seems to enjoy it.

Indy and Epic are doing well. Indy had xrays and might have some inflammation in her toe. Also we took her to a massage therapist/healer guy and he said she had organ adhesions. We are not sure what to think, so we are just keeping an eye on her and trying to force her to take it easy. She has a tournament in the end of July. We will know exactly how she is doing during and especially after that.

Nothing new is really going on with the garden. Its been a bad year because of the cold weather. Until yesterday its been in the 50s. Not great for growing anything but cold weather crops. Our lettuce, broccoli, kale and peas are doing great!

Now for lots of photos of Miss Finley

Indy was wondering if she is old enough to throw a ball yet.

9 week owl photo on a cold day. Finley was able to wear this cute outfit from Gran at least once!

Finley has so many clothes and sadly, she grows out of them very quickly. This one is very cute! A onesie with a mouse face from Aunt Barbara

Finley went on her first overnight trip to Portland to visit Brooke and drop Ari off (more about that later). She slept the whole way there (4 hours with stops)! She cried very little while we were there and enjoyed the change of scenery. We even took the plunge and brought her to a restaurant - Cup and Saucer for breakfast. We sat outside so we could easily get away if she started freaking out. Lucky for us, she slept the whole time!

Her changing table at Brookes house

At the restaurant

ten week owl photo

ready to go to the park

Finley with Daddy covered from the hot sun

Epic loving the tall grass
the river at Marymoor

learning how to sit

tummy time

And.....some broccoli from our garden. My first ever real harvest of broccoli that resembles what you would buy from the grocery


Anonymous said...

adorable photos. :) Love, M&D (Grandma Fran & Grandpa Seth)

Anonymous said...

It's so adorable that Indy tries to get Finley to play ball.!!

Love, Gran Fran & Granpa Seth