Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Swim + More Photos

Finley is now 11 weeks old now and is really changing quickly! She loves her activity gym and will stay there for awhile watching and grabbing toys. She stopped eating at night, but still wants to be fed at least every 2 hours during the day. She also started sleeping with us, which is not something that we planned. Its easy to say what you are going to do until you find something that allows everyone to get sleep. She sleeps well in our bed from 11 pm until 5 am and then after eating goes back to sleep until 9:30. We start her in the bassinet, but she wakes up crying after about an hour. We know we will have to deal with this issue soon, but for now we are all enjoying more sleep.

Finley LOVES this bird mobile I made for her! Sometimes we put her on her changing table just because the mobile makes her smile and laugh. Its one of the few places she is happy being put down. She will also tolerate her swing for short periods of time. Most of her napping happens attached to one of us in her carrier.

She is trying very hard to suck her fingers. Im not sure how I feel about it, but I wouldnt mind if she sucked her thumb instead of my pinky finger! We tried a pacifier but she isnt interested at all.

We took her swimming! She loved it! She didnt cry at all and seemed to be really content floating around with me.

After the pool she was very tired

11 weeks!

Quality time with Dad

She loves to be held in a standing position. Its pretty amazing how strong her legs are getting from all the standing she does.


Barbara said...

I love seeing these photo's ! Glad to see Miss Finley in the little onesie (sp) I got her. Wish I could have found an owl !

Anonymous said...

Deborah & Ben, Just love the photos of Finley in the pool!! Have you tried it again? Glad you are enjoying your summer & all getting some sleep. We really love that little girl & you two, as well!! Love, Mom & Dad (Fran & Seth)

Susanna said...

Teriffic photos! Thanks for sharing them with those of us far away.