Sunday, June 7, 2009

its all about the dogs and the gardens

The first appreciable harvest of the summer: about 15 small berries and 4stalks of rhubarb. Those strawberries are the best I have ever had. They are very juicy and sweet and ripe. I should make a personal strawberry rhubarb pie, but I won't.

Walking the sheep around with Epic. We all went down to the big field this afternoon because I forgot to take any pictures when we were working up by the barn. This was a pretty big step for Epic and he definitely felt the pressure, but he handled it well, if not a little too pushy with the sheep.

Here is Epic trying to cram the sheep up my bum. I was getting a little bit frustrated with him at this point.
Epic walking up on the sheep.

Epic is looking proud of himself.

This is Epic's dad. He is looking a little sleepy today.

He perked up when the sheep started running around.

Here are Epic's first attempts on the chute. He is hanging up there a little bit, but I am glad he is at least jumping on and off confidently. He is definitely getting more and more excited about getting the ball and tugging on little stuffed animals.

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Janet said...

Scott looks drunk. And, this pic looks like it was taken post-roll-in-horse-dung-pile. I love my Scotty Biscotti dog.