Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am going to attempt to write about our trip in as much detail as possible. If you are expecting photos of great tourist attractions, you might be disappointed. I seem to be very fond of taking photos of food, cafes, narrow European streets, and flower boxes.

After a very long flight (I watched 3 cheesy romantic comedies) a ride on the tube and a difficult time finding our friend Jolene's flat, I couldn't stay awake any longer and took a nap. I forced myself to get up for dinner mainly because I was excited to see Janel, who is traveling around Europe with her friend Kim. We all (Jolene, Stefan, Janel, Kim, Ben, me) met for Indian food dinner....one of the best things that London has to offer in terms of food.

Flower shop near Queens Park tube stop

We took the tube all over town...not sure why this is blue.

We spend the next day, our only full day in London walking along the Thames River, going to the Tate Modern and the British Museum. Ben and I are not especially into seeing every tourist attraction when were are on vacation. I would rather spend my time enjoying the food, seeing how the locals live, and visiting some museums. I hate being in a rush to see everything and then forget most of it because we were so busy.

I hear that a sunny day in London is a rare thing, to take advantage of this lovely day Jolene came to the rescue and brought us a picnic to share for lunch. We had roasted peppers, avocado, carrot sticks, tofu, baguette, cheese....lots of other yummy things.

I love the celebration that begins in the streets of Central London shortly after people get out of work.

Ben took part in the celebration after a hard day of picnicing and strolling around London

We met up with Janel and Kim again for dinner and this time we had to try London's famous fish and chips. It was excellent and super crispy. They don't mess around with little pieces either. Its a big deep fried fillet.

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