Sunday, July 27, 2008

Disc Dogs Competition

I have to interrupt my string of posts about our trip to Europe to brag about Indigo and Ben winning a disc dogs competition yesterday (novice class)! They entered this regional competition through woofd2 in Kirkland, WA at the last minute and only practiced the day before. I love disc dog competitions because of the freestyle...Ben and Indigo didn't do freestyle, they didn't make up a routine yet. But watch out! He also entered with Ari and didn't get last place, which was good considering that Ari refused to catch any disc that wasn't red.

Indigo being funny and not realizing it

Some of the Pro dogs doing freestyle

We took some videos with our new Flip video and will post those later. Sadly they won't be able to go on to compete in the NW regional championship because Indigo will be on the east coast with me. Maybe next year!

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