Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's time for a new blog!

Things are just as crazy as ever around here.  We are trucking along making plans, sorting things, making piles for Goodwill. We went through all our old photographs and threw about the ones that weren't worth keeping and will ship the rest to be scanned and put on a disc. The old albums are getting donated. I also have a pile of toys to sell to a consignment shop. We bought new doors for all the bedrooms, closets and bathrooms. The scariest thing we did was schedule our mail to be forwarded to our new address (which is our friends house that will be where our RV is parked). It felt like a very finalizing step. The weeks are flying by and there is still so much to do! My goal for the week is to relax and enjoy the process. We have lots of excited things happening and are very fortunate to be in a position to move across the country.

I'm trying to appreciate all the little things that I love about Seattle, but often don't pay attention to because I'm so ready to get out of here. I love the mossy trees, the craftsman style houses with creative urban gardens,  being a quick drive to downtown, living next to a bus line, the mountains peaking out in the distance, our friends and the people that we probably won't see after we move.  I'll miss the house that we've called home for 7 years. It's so comfortable and has been perfect for us for all these years. I remember being very excited to move to Seattle and enjoy the city, start my career, get our first house - the house that we lived in when we got married and brought our precious Finley home to.  I'll remember Seattle fondly.

It's definitely time for a new blog. Our Life in Seattle will be outdated very soon! Stay tuned for a link to my new blog....

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Anonymous said...

So happy for you all. Love, Mom & Dad.