Monday, June 13, 2011

Back on track?

Wow two blog posts in a row! Maybe I'm back on track or maybe I just have some extra time. Finley's gran, Frances is staying with us right now while Ben is in Boston and we have been having a great time! With a full time babysitter I've been getting a lot done.

We went to a "carnival" in Georgetown, which was a nice effort, but pretty lame compared to other carnivals I've been to. There weren't even any rides or caramel apples. We had fun anyway strolling around and checking out the neighborhood.

Last night we went to one of our favorite restaurants "The Sandpoint Grill". I love it because it's not pretentious and the atmosphere is really relaxed. The service is great and very accommodating to kids. They give out a plate with cucumebers, apples and carrots as soon as you sit down. They know that kids need something to occupy themselves. The only downside is the food. It's just okay. However we did get dessert to go this time and it was pretty amazing. We had rustic cherry pie and a homemade "ho-ho". Pretty cute and really good.

I'm hoping that on Wednesday we will go to either Vashon Island or Bainbridge Island. It will be fun to teach Finley about boats!

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