Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Just before we left for our road trip, we took these cute pictures of Finley at the dinner table. We gave Finley a few pieces of steamed broccoli to chew on while we ate dinner. Im pretty sure she has just started teething and likes to chew on anything she can get her hands on. She is also getting better at grabbing things and is starting to be able to balance better when sitting up. We are excited for her upcoming 6 month appointment to see how big she is!

I have been looking forward to going to flyball nationals for a long time & when I had the opportunity to go with Indigo and Epic, I could not pass it up. We teamed up with my friends from Massachusetts and put together two very solid flyball teams. I had so much fun watching the best teams in the country and some amazing dog athletes.

Because I had so much fun at the tournament, I wouldnt say that I regret going. The drive there and especially the drive back were pretty horrible. Finley actually did much better than I expected. She slept in her portable crib through the night in the trailer and she was quiet in the car most of the time. When she cried in the car, however, it was extremely upsetting and stressful because I felt horrible for her. I learned several important lessons from the whole experience and probably wouldnt do it again under the same circumstances.

hanging out in the trailer in the evening after a long drive

the bunkroom in the trailer is used as a dog room

after a bath in the trailer

stopped at a rest stop along the way for dog exercise and baby stretching time

we camped at a place called Al's Oasis in South Dakota and decide to try their restaurant for breakfast. It was nice to have a hot breakfast. Finley did very well in her Bumbo chair while we ate.

23 weeks with Pig instead of Owl

Indigo's family: her 1/2 sister Ezri, aunt Prancer, Grandma Brita and mom Dazzle

we stopped to visit Ignited Border Collies on the way there and got to play with puppies

Ben flew in to Indiana for the weekend to run his dog and help out with Finley

We were one of many trailers lined up at the fairgrounds

We went out to dinner with our friends from Massachusetts one night and forgot to pack a change of clothes in the diaper bag. All we had was a shirt and some baby leggings. Ooops!

The crowd watching the final races

Finley watched some Fraggle Rock while we drove. She was mildly entertained.

24 weeks with pig instead of owl

Joy holding Finley in Montana on the side of the road when we ran out of gas

Our new dog Pax! He is from Kentfield Whippets in California. He is in puppy class now and is starting flyball and agility. He is a very good boy and is fitting in well with the border collies.


Anonymous said...

Finley looks just adorable!!! Can't wait to hold her in my arms again...lots of huggs from us...we love you all, Mom & Dad (Fran & Seth) P.S. Stay well.

Anonymous said...

PAX looks like a nice dog!