Tuesday, September 21, 2010

our trip to reno

First an update on our little girl.....she has had a few major growth spurts and is now wearing 9 month clothes. Lots of people comment that she is big for her age. She is eating a lot less now, probably 6 times a day. I am weaning her night feeding by a few minutes every night. As of now, she is still sleeping in our bed, but we are getting a lot more sleep! The difference is that I am not feeding her to sleep and we are doing a routine that ends in her going to bed at around 8:30. Its play, bath, feeding, story, and then bedtime. Its working! She is getting to sleep on her own. The next step is her own bed! We are following the "Sleepeasy Solution" as much as possible to guide us through this process.

In terms of development, Finley isnt sitting on her own yet, but is trying very hard. When you put her down on her back she does crunches and holds the position for several seconds. She sleeps on her stomach and is getting good at flipping herself over. Her favorite things at the moment are Indy, dogs in general, being held, floor time, toys that are easy to pick up, going to new places and baths. She doesnt like her carseat, going to sleep on her own and having her eyes cleaned.

Now about our Reno trip....for our first plane ride with Finley, we wanted to make it short. The flight to Reno is 1.5 hours, which was perfect. We had 3 seats both ways and I was able to feed her during take off and landing. She got a little bit fussy, but was very good overall. On our 2nd day in Reno we took Finley to Virginia City, an old town outside of Reno. We checked out the old-fashioned stores including a candy store and a western book store.

$1 to feed the donkey

While we were in Reno, Frances had a party so that all her friends could meet Finley. It was lots of fun! Finley was a good sport and stayed happy through the whole thing, mainly because she had a break in the middle to take a nap. Overall, it was a nice and relaxing trip and Finley got to spend lots of quality time with her grandparents!

Gran got Finley this really cool stroller from a garage sale!

Finley and Grandpa

out to breakfast at the Stone House before getting on the plane back to Seattle

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Anonymous said...

These are super as well!! Glad the trip went well, & the Shryocks got time with Finley!

Mom & Dad (Fran & Seth)