Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting the Garden Ready for The Season.

My previous blog post was getting a little bit out of control, so I decided to do a separate garden post. This is mainly for me to remember what we do in the garden and varieties of the plants we try. Even though we are having a baby in less than 2 months, we still are determined to have a garden this year...we will see how it goes.

Last month my friend Kate and I went to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. We went to several really interesting talks and got inspired by the amazing demonstration gardens. The best things I learned were how to start seeds indoors from Willi Galloway and that there are melons that can be grown in our climate...the Minnesota Midget Melon was recommended. I think I will wait until next year to try indoor seed starting and melon growing.

A chicken coop with a green roof

I love this bar with made from rocks in a cage and glass top

A great idea for a raised bed...these are bags filled with compost. You can poke holes and plant things like strawberries to cover them.

Mr Ed Hume

A very pretty cold frame

Last week we ventured out into the garden to see what happened over the winter and what needed to be done. The rhubarb is already getting big and everything else is starting to get greener. Spring is still awhile away, but its already time to start planting some seeds and early season vegetables.

grape hyacinth and primroses bringing some color to the garden

Yesterday Ben cleared some weeds and crazy spreading oregano and I planted snow peas, sugar snap peas, culinary heirloom poppy, parsley, sage, butter crunch lettuce, mixed greens, and purple asparagus.

I am really excited about planting grapes in the space above our driveway and growing them along the railing. On the driveway below Ben is going to be building raised beds so that we can grow some heat loving crops.

Unfortunately our neighbor has a small obsession with feeding squirrels. This makes me very unhappy because "Larrys Squirrels" eat my plants! All the bulbs I planted in the fall were eaten as well as the pea seeds I just planted. We are currently in the process of coming up with a plan to save our garden.

I think the lettuce, poppies and parsley will be okay because the seeds are tiny and not delicious like pea seeds.

This a a variety I havent tried

This a a seed packet from seeds that I saved from two years ago, hopefully some come up.

The lower area is where the poppies were planted and just at the top of the wall will be parsley

I am determined to have some luck with asparagus. I started with just two root crowns and planted them in the middle bed on the top level, across from the strawberries.

The two holes are where the asparagus is planted.

Parsley is planted in the lower middle bed along the edge of the bed

I had these old seeds that I mixed with 2010 seeds and planted them in the middle of the first lower bed. It will be growing along with garlic and peas (hopefully)

THE PEAS that have yet to come up. They were planted 7 days ago.

This is were I planted snowpeas Last night I decided that if I want peas this year I am going to have to suck it up and buy starts. I will plant those today. This is where I will most likely plant starts

The other trellis that was planted with sugar snap peas....these also have not come up yet.
"honey dew" sage planted with the cherry tree.

I couldnt resist this Green Tea plant from the nursery. It will stay in a pot
we had our trees pruned by an arborist this year. It was a bit late because we werent expecting Spring in February. Im pretty sure the cherry tree wont do much this year because of it. The good news is that the babys room will actually get some sun, now that the Japanese Maple is under control.

Earlier this week I bought another package of freesia bulbs (Im determined to grow them without getting eaten), two artichoke plants (globe), nasturtium, sunflower seeds, viola seeds, a grape vine (lakemont) and two columnar apple trees (scarlet sentinel and northpole). The apple trees will be planted in Whiskey Barrels and apparently will do just fine there.

First time we ever actually pruned the raspberries

In between the cedar fence and railing is where the grape bed will go. We are hoping it gets enough light! I have my doubts

A view of our whole tiny urban garden..all in the front yard!