Saturday, September 27, 2008

Internship Update, Shryocks New England Vist, More Flyball, Country Vet

Update on my Internship - I only have one month left of my community rotation! I met with my internship director and preceptor on Wednesday for my mid-rotation review. I am on track with achieving my competencies, but I still have a lot of work to do.

I am teaching a cardiac rehab class on Monday, giving a presentation on nutrition and menopause, designing a WIC phone survey, hopefully teaching diabetes cooking classes and planning some classes for the Kids Kitchen. I also have some other smaller projects that I'm working on.

Of everything I'm working on, the Kids Kitchen is the hardest, by far. I have no idea how to interact with 2-5 year olds. Give me elderly people over kids any day. Little kids are like aliens to me. My concept of what they already know is severely lacking. I actually do like kids, but at this point they make me uncomfortable. Let's just say I probably won't be specializing in pediatrics when I'm dietitian. Any ideas for recipes for a kids cooking class?

On Thursday after suffering through my kids cooking class, I spent the day with my Shryock parents. We went to Sylvesters in Northampton for lunch. This place is known for its homemade soups, breads and dessert. Its very cute and comfortable, maybe not the best clam chowder I have ever had. But I would like to go back for their famous brunch. I have to appreciate their effort to make so much of their food from scratch.
Then we headed to Montague, MA to pick up Indigo from the vet. She was there all day getting her hips and back x-ray ed. She has to be knocked out so she wouldn't wiggle during the imaging process. $200 later I found out that she is looking good, so its time to start her on higher jumps in flyball. I think we are going to stop disc dog competing because I have been hearing horror stories of dogs injuring their backs and its often because of those spinning jumps that look cool, but are terrible for them.

Anyway, I love this vet that I found here. She is holistic and practices out of a beautiful location on a farm. She also has a border collie and does agility, so she understands the needs of a performance dog. I felt much better when she cleared up my confusion about what to do about Heart worm and Lyme disease prevention.

The Vet's Office

Indy after finding out she does not have hip dysplasia

Only in New England would a drive to the vet be this charming.....

She sucked it up and posed with Flat Stanley

Frances bought me one of these beautiful pumpkins for my front porch

To prepare for the flyball tournament next weekend on Indigos first "open team" we joined Canine Mutiny flyball team for their Friday night practice. Its very interesting to see how different teams practice and what training methods they use, especially on new puppies. I really enjoyed practicing with them and got some good tips. Plus they have really cool Boston accents!

They are becoming competitive in this region because of their new speedy designer flyball dogs. They have 2 borderjacks (border collie X Jack Russell terrier) and just got a mini aussie X staffordshire terrier (the first non border collie flyball mix I have seen). They also had a breed called Hungarian Mudi, a herding breed that is supposedly just as smart as a border collie and maybe even faster at learning new things. She sure was speedy during the puppy training I saw.

A Hungarian Mudi

I got plenty of practice time with Indy passing her teammate for next week and we even got to participate in a drill called "power jumping" . This only works if you have a lot of space!

The Hungarian Mudi in action

Indy power jumping (8 jumps in a row)

Remember when I said that we MIGHT be getting another border collie at some point? Well that might be happening soon.I am not lying when I say that Ben is the one that really wants this puppy, but I do understand how boring it would be to go to herding lessons and just watch and poor Indy has no one to play with at home. Ben doesn't have a preference for color or sex, so our chances are pretty good. The female is a red merle and the sire is blue tri - the puppies can be pretty much any color. I think Ben is hoping for a black tri. I am hoping for a blue merle.

In case you were wondering what Black Tri looks like

A beautiful blue merle

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