Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ben Leaving & Why Northampton is so cool

Ben left on the 12, the day before his birthday. A very sad day. Hard to believe we won't see each other until October! After the last two days of my orientation and finding out about everything that I have to do, I hope it will go by quickly.

Our last dinner at the Amherst brewery. Ben had a beer sampler. We also shared some mussels and fish and chips (scrod). Not especially great

Ben won mini-golf, but I got the special hole-in-one at the end and won a free game!

It would have been ideal if Ben could spend this year in Massachusetts with me, but even though he can't I am still trying to make the best of it. I have always dreamed of living in New England and it turns out that I love it here. I love the old farm houses, small quaint downtowns crowded with people, the miles of walking trails scattered between towns for biking or walking, the many homemade ice cream shops, the rivers, the small mountains, the quirky old hippies, the library in an old stone building, the windy country roads with farm stands connecting little villages.

I don't love the mosquitos, the rain that comes pouring down with no warning, the lack of flyball, and probably the mountains of snow that will be here before I know it, and of course the lack of Ben who and my wonderful dog, Ari that loves to sleep and doesn't shove toys under my hand while I'm sleeping.

Today I was at my orientation so poor Indigo was in her kennel for 10 hours. Not taking her out wasn't an option, so we found this lovely place to go walking. It was perfect with the river on one side of the grassy trail and the backside of farms on the other, and mountains in the background.

At least I attempted to tire her!

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Francine said...

Hope you have fun taking Indy to Flyball!