Monday, June 2, 2008

Flyball Tournament Weekend

We had a really good, tiring as always weekend at a flyball tournament in BC. Ari did really well for Ben all weekend, except when he got distracted by people cheering and forgot what he was doing. It was funny to watch him at the box with no idea what he was supposed to be doing! He also got distracted by me trying to take photos, which is why I didn't get many good shots. Indigo did really well too, running perfectly except one ball drop before she crossed the finish line. She got to start in one race and got a new best time of 4.1 seconds. We are still hoping for below 4 seconds some day.

A view of the dirt floored barn and racing lanes

Ari is telling everyone there not to mess with him by barking his head off.

you can kind of see Ari coming back over the last jump

I wish this picture was bigger because there are great shots of Indigo's whole body on the box and pushing off the box after she gets the ball.

Dinner after flyball...its fun to get to know the people on our team

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