Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shryock visit continued......

After Cafe Flora we went to the Arboretum. I have never seen so many colors of rhododendrons!I love lily of the valley and despite its invasiveness I tried to plant some in our shady backyard, but it never came up. It was flourishing at the Arboretum.

Check out the colors in this bouquet that Frances picked out at the Farmers Market.

On Saturday night we went to the 35th St Bistro. It was a lot of fun talking and enjoying amazing food. They specialize in pasture raised meat and local ingredients. We were there until they closed! I stole this photo from Savvydiner.com

And of course its not a blog post without some photos of the garden. The lavender, california poppy, daisies, and lupin are in full bloom!

Ari makes a really good pillow. cute!

Here is a video that Kenneth took of Indigo at flyball practice. Look how speedy she is getting that tennis ball out of the box!

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Anonymous said...

love the dog shots

love the 35th st. bistro...